vetted vintage style

my approach

I started my career by selling a certain needlepoint-and-velvet slipper to the already well-heeled Hamptonites. I was 13, and while it may not have been legal, it was pivotal. I realized I had an ‘eye’, and I loved to use it. In those early days it was selecting the ‘right’ style for my customer. Today, I still do. For you.

Having been subjected to evaluation or appraisal; critically reviewed and evaluated for official approval or acceptance.

I do the legwork. 

My search for Vintage knows no bounds. Quality Vintage can be found anywhere, and that is why I go everywhere.  


I live for the hunt. 

From wandering the Paris Flea to lining up for estate sales, and winging my paddle at auctions. My quest for one of a kind pieces for my clients never ends.

Of old, recognized, and enduring interest, importance, or quality 

I use my expertise.

My ability to judge quality and date individual pieces of Vintage clothing and accessories is a result of my life-long interest and study of the history of textiles, fashion, and design.


I follow my heart.

I believe in kismet shopping, and when I encounter something exceptional – pedigreed or not – I buy it, knowing it will guarantee someone’s future closet happiness.

The combination of distinctive features of literary or artistic expression, execution, or character

I source the best vintage from each era.

I believe great style transcends time.

TRULY great style is accessible to everyone.

I have the keys to unlock your Signature Vintage Style.

vetted vintage style